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Welcome to my website. My name is Roger Van de Peer, manager of Pijpleiding.com bvba. I would like to present my CV below which shows my experience in the pipeline world. I am of course available for additional questions.

My address:

Pijpleiding.com bvba
Kalmthoutsesteenweg 50 bus2
2950 Kapellen
Tel.:+32 (0)473 89 02 92
Fax: +32 (0)3 605 16 94

Recent assignments


KH Engineering Antwerp

Piping engineer

Piping Specs, Appendage Specs and Piping Typicals for Utilities GSK (Glaxo Smith Kleine) Rixensart



Prevention advisor lev. 2

Project gaz pipe from Fluxys at Virton to Burgos Papeterie (7 km).



Prevention advisor lev. 2

Risk observation, analysis and advice for mechanical and electrical tasks for the Sadara-project.

2013-2014 mar

Procter & Gamble Mechelen / DNS-Projects

Construction supervisor

Projects Site Clearance Line F, Mixer en Matrix bins.

2013 apr-nov


Director/prevention advisor lev. 2

Projects about risk inventarisation and evaluation

2013 jan-mar

Ineos Oxide/Spie


Start Stopteam Steam-SD2014

2012 jun-aug

LANXESS La Wantzenau FR / Perfakt MainTasc

MS Project planner

Introduction MS Project Arrêt 2012.


LBC Tank Terminals

MS Project planner

Establish a multidisciplinary detailed planning for the construction and equipment of a tank farm with 7 tanks, charging station, piglines and underground pipes.

2011 jun-oct


Planning engineer

Designing of tests (2300 JACOBS iso’s) for LANXESS RUBBER. Adjustment of PID, for line numbers, tracing with Microstation. Design of work plans for pipe bridges using Microstation for slack plant TRACTEBEL MAASVLAKTE. Idem for welding plans and tests for VOPAK tank parks, loading and unloading bays. Inventories regarding accounts.

2011 apr-mei

BASF Pauwels

Strength calculator of renewed pressure equipment

Pressure vessels, heat exchangers, pillars … calculation of changed process conditions such as pressure and temperature according to the AD-Merkblätter using Dimy software.

2011 feb-apr

EVONIK Netwerk

Chief planning engineer

Coordination of preparations for the 2011 energy standstill. Planning of term and standstill using MS-Project, designing with ProjectWise Navigator, ordering with SAP, cost calculation with Degussa Arbeidswerte.

2010 oct-dec


Temporary site engineer

Supervision of the construction of the Roostovenbuilding at SADACI Ghent Seaport. MS-Project.

2010 sep-oct

IMTECH Detaned

Piping/Mechanical estimator

Renewal of landing wharf and cooling water facility, open calculation using REWIN-norm. Shell Pernis.

2010 jul-sep

VOFATEC Procesinstallaties B.V.

Temporary piping estimator

Designing MTO’s using work description, lay-out and P&ID piping-iso-outlines, inviting offers from third parties, drawing up estimation in Excel.

2010 mar-jun

SHELL, Cofely, Stork-Mec

Planning engineer

Adjustment Shell-Pernis CC2-GP3TA2010 Input of iso’s in PDMS-Spooler after inspection. Calculation of prices in Cleopatra. Follow-up of materials, support, document control, technical questions in Excel. Drawing up of work schemes for demolition, production, painting, assembly (scaffolding, cranes), inspection and tests using RoserSystem.

Fields of expertise

2009 jan-dec

VOS Mechanical

Senior planning engineer
Bioethanolplant Abengoa Europoort.

Bulging out of iso’s. Follow-up of material, supporting, Control of documents, Work plans for production, assembly, inspection, testing. Technical questions and modifications raised between the manufacturer and the client.

2008 jan-dec

Bayer Materialscience Antwerpen

Maintenance engineer Polyether

Supervision of reports, planning of shut downs using MS-project, Tie-ins for PMPO-project. Documentation digitalisation and control using Documentum. Study of plant projects.

2007 sep-dec

Ineos-Jacobs-Stork Antwerpen

Equipment engineer on site

Supervision of contractors, inspection, commissioning and as-built-follow-up (4m). 77 modifications, 350 appliances and machines. Cooperation with Primavera-planning, QA/QC and JPI-documentation administration

2007 jul-aug

Shell – Cost Engineering. R’dam

Cost calculator

Piping precalculation, redevelopment of the Schoonebeek-oil field NAM

2007 jan-mai

Total Antwerpen,


Improvement of subterranean cooling-water pipes


Real-Total Antwerpen

Project leader-safety coordinator

Demolition and replacement of burnt-down steel construction J71 at TOTAL REFINERY ANTWERP


Stork Industrial Services NL

Calculator – project advisor

PED-integration steam turbine silt incineration DRSH Netherlands (Feb. 2006), calculation expension tank park VOPAK, calculation renewal Lacalpipeline


Ineos-AVI Vinçotte Antwerpen


Inspection piping design total energy Inesco Zwijndrecht in accordance with PED and Stoomwezen


NAM, Groningen

Cost controler

Cost control of project cluster Schaapsbulten using Cleopatra and Prince


UOP, Antwerpen

Mechanical engineer

Adjust specifications from American to European standards of a PSA, hydrogen-alternating pressure absorber for Bayer Dormagen


Bayer, Antwerpen

Project leader

Organisation contractor bureau: project assistance and work preparation Makrolon (8 persons)


Prayon-Rupel, Puurs


Outline, set-up of application and order specifications for thermal oil installation.


Coppeé-Courtoy Antw.-Fina Oleofins, Ertvelde

Project engineer

Converting project applications to budgets, for tank park improvements and production changes


Bayer, Antwerpen

Assistent project leader

Solving bottlenecks of Makrolon for new production street


Procter&Gamble, Mechelen

Project engineer

Central high pressure cleaning system in a food plant


CMI-Denayer, Willebroek

Design draughtsman

Loading platforms and piping for DENAPAK-steam boiler for Belgomilk, Langemark

1968 –1998

BASF, Antwerpen


Ammonia export pipeline BASF-BAYER, ethylene adsorption, surface -evaporation glycol residue, tank park improvements, vacuum steam network, supervison subterranean pipelines Berendrechtlock, benzene extraction, neutralisator recycled steam, glycolcondensor, surface renewal, torch renewal, ethylene oxide intermediate pressure relief, pastillation and packing in bigbags of lactam, lactam residue evaporation and vacuum steam network, hydroxilamine catalyst preparation, management of technical equimpent in SAP

1965 –1968

Agfa-Gevaert, Mortsel


Outline and detailed plans of emulsion proof casting machine


1979 Hoger Economisch

BKR Antwerpen

3 years

Accounting (bachelor)

1966 Hoger Technisch

SIHTS Paardenmarkt

3 years

Mechanics (entrance exam engineer)

1964 Midd. Nijverheid

Technicum Antwerpen

2 years

Mechanics (B2)

1959 Sec. Technisch

Technicum Antwerpen

3 years

Shipbuilding (A3)

Additional training

Veiligheidsinstituut (PVI-Antwerpen)

Prevention advisor Level II (certificate)


VCA-executive (certificate)


Industrial cooling (27 h)


Maintenance analysis

Instituut De Nayer Mechelen
Ir. A. Naulaers

Pipelines: planning, equipment, pressure loss, strength, fittings, flexibility, heating, subterranean pipes, welding, inspection, assembly, insulation (24 h)
Appliances: pumps, compressors, stirring rods, filters, heat exchangers, pressure machines (24 h)

Computer skills

AutoCAD 2002 2D and 3D, MS Project 2000.
Cleopatra (calculation of cost price)
DIMy (calculation of strength, AD, ASME, Stoomwezen, BS)
Microstation (designs with cutouts in a box, PID-adjustment)
MS-Office 2000: Outlook, Access, Excel, Powerpoint, Word
MS Project 2000, MS-Explorer, Paint.
PDMS-Spooler (Fabrication iso’s)
ProjectWise (Redline designs)
RoserConSys (Work sheets)


Dutch Native speaker
German Very fluent in speaking and writing
English Very fluent in speaking and writing
French Very fluent in speaking and writing


VIK-study group Pipelines (Organisation: corrosion, flanges, braces and mounts, GVK residual water network, cost calculation; bending of pipes; CIP and HACCP, computer design, insulation; Lectures: ICS classification system, CE-marking of thermal oil; Course: pipeline design in accordance with the latest standards, pipeline construction).

Personal data

Married, 2 children
69 years